New Year’s Resolutions Or Goals For 2013

Ah, the mental challenge of a new year. It’s good to focus, though goals for a whole year might be in danger of get out of focus during the year. Maybe it would be better to have a monthly focus as well.

My goals for 2013 are:

  • get pregnant
  • eating healthy
  • continue to be as happy as I am now
  • read more books
  • blog at least three times a week
  • having 35% of our house paid off
  • having launched our new business idea (an app)
  • become more Badass at Mustachianism
  • have a more organised house (already working on it)

My goals for this month are:

  • convert our web shop into a really cool new version with new software
  • organise a huge part of the house properly 

What are your goals for 2013?


Mrs EconoWiser


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