What’s On My Wish List?

Every time I think I really want a product I’ll put it on my virtual wish list and let is sit there. This comes in very handy for Christmas and birthdays. We are not at the Mustachian level yet where we ask people not to give us gifts anymore. We haven’t found a way to tell family and friends to stop the whole gift-giving thing just yet. Besides that, we don’t know whether that’s something that we would really want. Our group of friends all have these online wish lists, so people end up giving you the stuff you actually want instead of potential clutter.

Enough said. I’ll show you my wish list people can get inspiration from when buying me a gift.

  • The Bogleheads’ Guide To Investing
  • The Bogleheads’ Guide To Retirement Planning
  • Economics Explained
  • A Random Walk Down Wall Street
  • The Intelligent Asset Allocator
  • Or Amazon gift certificates so I can buy the Kindle version of these books…less clutter yeah!
  • Crock Pot Slowcooker (this is not a very common item in The Netherlands, but having read so many positive blog posts I would love to give this a try)
  • Dominion expansions (Dominion is a really cool game that we love to play a lot)
  • Hiking socks
  • A cargo bike trailer (how Mustachian is that?!)
  • Rustic candles in lots of different colours
  • Essie nailpolish in classic red (NOT Mustachian)
  • Blond Amsterdam service (not very Mustachian)
  • A Babyliss hair dryer and brush in one (not Mustachian either)
  • A big pan for soup, at least 6 litres

What’s your opinion on gift giving and wish lists?


Mrs EconoWiser


One thought on “What’s On My Wish List?

  1. Astrid

    How did it go with the crock pot?

    I favour the pressure cooker for stews, curries and soups. Low heat for a third of the cooking time.

    The crock pot a family member wanted and got looked awfully bulky for our modest Dutch kitchen, and pulled an unbelievable amount of Watts. We decided against it.


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