I Will Give My Husband An “In-Between” Haircut

A very good friend of mine is a hairdresser. He cuts our hair for free in his salon after hours. I only have to pay cost price for the dye he uses on my hair. However, we don’t live close to our friend and it takes about 45 minutes to get there by car. Not very Mustachian, I know. So we try to combine our visit to our private hairdresser with a weekend stay. We only do this about once every three months.

This is fine for my hair, but my husband’s hair looks a mess by then. It just grows too fast. I started sending my husband to a cheap local hairdresser for the in between haircuts. I wasn’t very pleased with the result and it still cost 20 euros. I have been paying attention when our friend gives my husband a haircut. Mr. Money Mustache inspired me to carry out the following idea. I’ll ask the friend whether I can buy a second-hand shaver and a good pair of scissors off him. I’ll also ask him to teach me how to cut my husband’s hair properly.

I’ll keep you posted on the results!


Mrs EconoWiser


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