The Frugal Groceries Routine

From 2008 to mid 2010 I practised a nice frugal groceries routine. I let things slide and only picked it up again halfway 2012. Now I am back on track and loving it again. What’s my routine? Rather boring, really.

On Mondays I do the groceries. So I get up in the morning and make a list. Never go grocery shopping without a list. Then I’m off to Lidl and shop the greater part of the things we need. I especially like the fruits and veggies they offer at great prices. Also, there’s usually only one version of an item there. Peanut butter is peanut butter, so the paradox of choice is eliminated here. Then, I’ll go to Jumbo (regular supermarket here in The Netherlands) and shop the things Lidl doesn’t have or certain brands we like (coca cola for example).

I spend about €75 on average each week on groceries now. There’s the two of us and no kids nor pets.

How much do you spend each week?


Mrs EconoWiser


2 thoughts on “The Frugal Groceries Routine

  1. zeldesse

    We spend about 100 euros for two adults and three kids. I shop for milk at the Aldi, the rest mostly Nettorama and some Euroshopper Albert Heijn. This used to be about 150 when we did almost all our shopping at Albert Heijn.

  2. Iforonwy

    Interesting to read about European supermarkets. I remember being on a bus tour one Christmas in Germany and a lady wanting to buy typical German foods to take back to the UK. The courier advised her to try the supermarkets. She came back to the bus saying she could not find one. As we passed a Lidl the courier pointed it out through the bus window. The lady was horrified as “No way would she go into a Lidl or Aldi in the UK”.

    We shop on a Saturday morning and we are generally in the store, Tesco, by about 7.30am (we live in a very touristy area and so need to get shopping etc out of the way before the crowds decend on us like a plague of locusts emptying the shelves). We shop with a list that I have divided into two. On the left are the things we need and on the right a list of meals that I intend to cook Saturday – Friday. Of course if better things are on offer then I will do substitutions.

    Mid week we might pop into Lidl as it is near the library (and you can park there for 90 mins for free) and get deli type things at knock down prices. There are 2 of us, pensioners, and we try to keep our weekly shop to £50 (about 62.5 euros). This includes toiletries and things like washing powder etc. Then when we arrive home I enter how much we have paid onto a spread sheet of weekly shopping amounts. Also I make a note on the spread-sheet of any vouchers/coupons that I have used. At the moment the value of these vouchers/coupons has added up to a saving of £132.40 over 2012 to date.

    Folk tell me to get a life and not bother with my spreadsheets but my arguement is how else do we afford our holidays!


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