I Made €150 With One 3-minute Phone Call!

Yes, I sure did!

Right now is the time to switch energy suppliers here in The Netherlands. We are with a company called GreenChoice which supplies us with sustainable energy. Currently we are paying a variable tariff. My husband did some research and found out that new customers will get a nice discount when signing up with them through a dealer. The deal was even better than what was offered on their website.

With those details in hand I phoned them. The deal wasn’t on offer for existing customers, but the guy would make an exception this one time. Now we are paying the discounted tariff during the upcoming year. This will save us about €150!

I am sure going to phone again next year!

Have you ever saved money this way?


Mrs EconoWiser


2 thoughts on “I Made €150 With One 3-minute Phone Call!

  1. Iforonwy

    Yes we telephone our insurance providers every year at renewal. We approach them armed with better deals from other companies that we have researched and then our existing companies are always willing to at least price match. Often they will give a good discount to keep you as a customer. The phone calls this last year netted us approx £120.00


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