Declutterer’s Block

Instead of suffering from a writer’s block I am suffering from a declutterer’s block. I started to muck out my closet but now I am stuck. I just can’t throw away the amount of clothes I need to throw away in order for all the clothes to fit in one closet. My current walking closet room will hopefully become a nursery soon. We have a closet in our bedroom which only my husband used. Now, I would like to fit my clothes in that closet as well. Argh!

Current status walking closet room:

Current status bedroom closet:

The T-shirts on the top rack are my husband’s and have to be folded and moved to the left side.

I just have to many clothes which I currently can’t fit in (I gained weight because of an injury, I am in the process of losing the weight again) at the moment. Also, there are seasonal clothes which I won’t be wearing this summer. Probably I am going to store the rest of the clothes which I won’t need during the upcoming months in boxes in the attic.

I also found out that I find it much harder to get rid of clothes which I paid full retail price for compared to second-hand clothes. Those I find really easy to toss out.


Mrs EconoWiser


2 thoughts on “Declutterer’s Block

  1. spaarolifantje

    Err… If you want to become pregnant, you probably will gain weight again (temporarily), so don’t throw out those larger-sized clothes just yet, even when you have lost the weight. I hope yo find room in your house to store all clothes. And remember that you have about eight months to create the nursery by the time you suspect that you’re pregnant, so there will be enough time then to prepare for it. (And also remember that you can even finish the room after the delivery, if need be. The baby just needs a place to sleep and you need a place to change its diaper, the rest is optional).


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