New New Government Plans

About two weeks ago I wrote this blog post about the plans our new Dutch government had come up with. The fact that people’s healthcare insurance would depend on their salaries caused an outrage in our country. We calculated that these plans would cost us more than €500 a month extra. The whole plan was very unfair since people earning €70,000 a year would be paying the same amount as people earning €100,000 a year for their healthcare insurance. So the first group would pay more in percentage compared to the latter group.

Now our new Dutch government ditched those plans and came up with other new plans. Instead of lowering taxes they’re going to increase them. We calculated that these new plans will cost us €400 a month, which is better than before. Also, it seems much fairer since the people earning €100,000 will be paying the same percentage, but a higher amount in euros.

Still, I am not very happy with this plan. According to certain newspaper articles our economy will have shrunk with 1,1% by the end of this year and we’re heading for another recession. Ouch…

What are the plans in your country?


Mrs EconoWiser


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