Bits ‘n Pieces

Yesterday my internet connection broke down so I was unable to write a blog post. Today I’ll just write about a few bits and pieces.

Things are on a roll in the declutter department. Yesterday I had ample time to declutter since I wasn’t stuck behind my computer watching funny YouTube clips. I forgot to make before and after pictures again,duhuh. Sunday I had been watching YouTube clips about organizing your home. Fun! This lovely lady is extremely precise when it comes to decluttering. She’s a professional organizer:

Slowly but surely I keep on selling the things that haven’t made it on the “keep” pile while decluttering. I did find that my Craigslist advertisements were more popular by the end of the month. Obviously this is because people have their salaries in the bank then. So I’ll post new advertisements by the end of this month again.

Still haven’t heard from our mortgage advisor. We’re waiting for her to get some documents ready for her to sign so that we can add 5 months worth of average expenses into the savings bit of our mortgage account. I really want her to get things ready before the new year. Otherwise we need to pay capital levy tax on a part of our savings.

Side business
Towards “the season” I am getting even busier with the side business. The things I sell are ideal presents for Santa to give. Yay!

Government plans
Our local government changed its plans. They’re not going to make the higher incomes pay ridiculous amounts for their healthcare insurance. Instead, they’ll raise taxes. However, it’s less bad than before. Probably our purchasing power will drop by 4%, instead of the 8% we calculated in before. It’s still a bit of a relief.

Still not pregnant…


Mrs EconoWiser




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