Senseless Spending: Cupcake Maker

I love making cupcakes. They’re fun to decorate and rather delicious to eat on special occasions. Recently, I noticed companies advertising a special device in order to make them:

I mean WTF??? What’s wrong with the good old cupcake baking tray and the oven you already have?

The cupcake maker is one more device the world just doesn’t need. Yesterday, we watched the movie No Impact Man and read Mr. Money Mustache’s blog about excessive consumerism…and I start to get the idea.

I think I’ll post more of these silly products on my blog in the future, just to mock our consumerist society.

Which products do you find the world can do without?


Mrs EconoWiser


2 thoughts on “Senseless Spending: Cupcake Maker

  1. rebekkastarfish

    Recently I saw a special soup cooker. You know, like a rice cooker, but for soup. Seriously. What? I’d maybe like a rice cooker, because I eat quite a lot of rice and it’s hard to cook it the right way, I find. But soup? Just use an ordinary cooking pot … Oh, and what I also dislike are things like curling and straigtening irons for hair and the likes. It just damages the hair, so you’ll have to buy fancy “hair repair” products. Double consume.


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