The Joy Of Decluttering: Motivate Your Partner To Engage

Ah, the joy of decluttering! We have had a crate full of manuals and warranties for a couple of years now. Each time we would buy a new piece of equipment we would throw the manual and warranty in this crate. This crate had been bugging me for over a year now….until this morning!

I thought of a great plan. That plan consisted of time, a label writer and these beauties which I got for free:

All in all it cost us about one hour to complete the task. By the way, buying a label writer was one of my best purchases ever. It makes organising fun and keeps things organised.

We alphabetically categorised everything and stowed the folders in our filing cabinet. We also promised each other from now on to tuck away all manuals and warranties we will encounter into the correct folder.

HA! The EconoWise-Asses will eventually overcome the battle against clutter!

Will you get your decluttering mode in gear any time soon? You might as well…the weather sucks so no excuses!


Mrs EconoWiser


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