How Do You Recognise A Dutch Millionaire?

I read a very interesting news article this morning in a Dutch newspaper. It talks about how to recognise a Dutch millionaire. Rather interesting, but also rather familiar. The same things you can find in a great book titled “The Millionaire Next Door”.

So, how do you recognise a Dutch millionaire?

  • They drive German cars (it’s a statistic, don’t know whether this has anything to do with their wealth)
  • They’re 50+ and happily married (they made their money grown when they were young)
  • They don’t flaunt their wealth
  • They are frugal
  • On average they have about 2.9 million euros and can “spend” 78.000 euros a year
  • Most of their wealth is in stocks and bonds, a bit in real estate and the smallest bit on a savings account
  • Some made their fortune with their own company, but a whopping 40% of them made their fortune while working for an employer
  • They’re happy and it has to do with peace of mind that having this money gives them
  • They make sure they KEEP their money and make it GROW

There are about 96.000 people like this in The Netherlands. And I want to become one of them! (Except for the German car bit…I couldn’t care less which brand my car is)


Mrs EconoWiser


2 thoughts on “How Do You Recognise A Dutch Millionaire?

  1. spaarolifantje

    Funny 🙂 . Good to know, or good to remember, that to be a millionaire you don’t have to act like the steryotypical millionaire as depicted in the media. (There’s a “millionaire’s fair” every year in the Netherlands, where you’ll find the “nouveau riche” that do want to show off their money, sometimes they’ll be poor again before they realize what happened…).


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