Freezer Cooking: Save Money And Time

For a couple of years now I have been a fan of freezer cooking. I even read a book about it. I remember the author cooking all meals ahead for one month in just one day. I don’t do that. However, I usually make 8 servings when I cook. This means that I can deep freeze 6 servings which quickly adds up.

In short: the idea of freezer cooking is to stock up your freezer with delicious homemade dishes.

My freezers look like this:

I bought lots of containers at a bargain price. The brown things are homemade pizzas wrapped in baking paper so that they won’t stick, yummie! I use cheap tape and a pen in order to label all meals.

What are the advantages of freezer cooking?

  • Cheap, homemade meals are much cheaper than store-bought meals. Also: you can make plenty of seasonal dishes when certain ingredients are on sale to make them even cheaper.
  • Saves time cooking, you only have to pop your meals in the microwave and you’re done. (Don’t forget to get your meals out of the freezer in the morning)
  • Saves time cleaning, you don’t have to clean your cooker and the rest of your kitchen after every dinner anymore. Added bonus: less dishes!
  • Stress-free dinners, no more hurrying around dinner time.
  • Delicious, you know how you like your meals best, so now you always get the best meals.
  • Healthy, you know what went in your food because you made it. No unhealthy additives here!

Do you freezer cook?


Mrs EconoWiser


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