Regifting Gift Certificates: Do Or Don’t?

I am not a big fan of magazines. I am subscribed to two magazines. One is called “Enough” (translated into English) and is made for frugal people. The other one is a Dutch fiscal magazine which explains about new tax rules and the lot. Both are rather cheap and I read every word. I’d say that both are money well spent.

Fashion magazines and other nonsense like those are just not my cup of tea. I don’t enjoy them because they’re only aimed at making you want and buy things. Yuk. Also it makes people believe that something magical happens every six months: the new rules of fashion. Yeah right.

Anyway, I have been given a lot of these magazine gift certificates lately. I don’t know why people think I like these certificates or maybe it’s just an easy present. See, you get a gift certificate, you log onto a website and you choose the magazine you like best. You’ll get a sort of mini subscription so you’ll receive about three to five (depends on how expensive they are) copies of that magazine.

I tried two of these mini subscriptions and my feelings about these magazines were verified once more. Not only do I not like them…I think they’re rubbish. One advertisement after the other, MUSTHAVES of the season (nobody’s going to dictate me to MUSTHAVE something!) and articles about having stuff.

I find it difficult to tell the people who keep giving me these things that I really don’t like them. Instead, I have started to regift these things. Other people do seem to like them. The other advantage is that I always have a nice present in stock.

What do you think? Is this being too frugal or rude? Or would you / do you do the same thing?


Mrs EconoWiser


3 thoughts on “Regifting Gift Certificates: Do Or Don’t?

  1. spaarolifantje

    Smart idea. If it is a gift you don’t like much but you know/think others will like, then the gift suddenly has value for you, too, because you now have a gift to give to someone else 🙂

    And it is quite an “anonymous” gift. If they give you an expensive, ugly, unique vase, it is hard to re-gift it without the original giver not noticing that his present for you is nowhere In your house, or even, in tightknit circles, that aunt Laura’s new vase looks a lot like it… A “magazine gift card” regifted is not so obvious.

    What’s that fiscal magazine? I would like to at least buy one copy of it to see whether I like it, too…


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