Wise Spending: Invest In A Good Pair Of Running Shoes

One of my smartest ideas ever was to start running. Not running from any problems, you silly, no just running. It’s great. Trust me, I am not your sporty spice type. I am a big girl, not too big, but very Dutch and curvy. I hadn’t thought I would be able to run 5km…let alone 10km. Every year I invest in a new pair of running shoes. That’s really the most expensive part of it. You need good shoes, at least I need good shoes in order not to injure myself. The rest of the gear I bought really cheap during sales. 

The good news is that there are so many programs for free these days. Couch to five kilometres, also know as c25k is one of those.

So get off those butts, go outside, enjoy the environment and start running. Don’t be a wuss, I live in The Netherlands aka The Land Of Lots Of Rain And Cold Weather and I run whether it’s summer, autumn, winter or spring. Just dress appropriately and you’ll be fine, no excuses allowed!


Mrs EconoWiser


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