How Do You Find The Best Budget Make-up Brand For You?

Ladies, we want to save money but also apply some make-up, right? I have to admit this sounds like a difficult one at first. Luckily I found out that this isn’t the case.

All you need to do is find a beauty blog that appeals to you and learn about how to apply make-up properly. Then you will also find out that these girls use high-end as well as el cheapo products. The best part is that they will test those things for you and (hopefully) give you their honest opinion. Obviously, you should ignore reviews about expensive high-end products and focus on the budget brands. Sometimes these bloggers are amazed at how good the el cheopo version of a branded product actually is. We all know the high-end brands are so expensive because of advertisements and the lot. That has to be paid for as well. Anyways, if you pay attention you’ll discover the best budget brand for you. 

In my case that is Catrice. The make-up I used to buy was at least twice as expensive as this brand. Catrice offers great foundation for less than 7 euros, mascaras for about 3 euros and eyeshadows for about 2,5 euros or 5 euros for a palette of 4 colours. I sometimes use products by Essence (even cheaper!) as well.

Do you buy budget brand make-up?


Mrs EconoWiser


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