Investing: Educate Yourself About It…NOW!

I clicked on Mr Money Mustache’s investment tag and read all of his articles on the topic. Super interesting!

I have to admit that I am a beginner investor. I started putting money monthly into an index fund at the start of 2011. Since I live in The Netherlands I didn’t choose for the Vanguard S&P index fund which MMM highly recommends.

The company I chose to invest money in is a small Dutch one. They work together with Vanguard, though. It tracks the MSCI indexes and it automatically reinvests dividends. Yay! I chose this particular company because their fees were the lowest. And even if you know a tiny bit about investing, you know the key is in the fees for the greater part.

Every month I buy 80% stocks of the global stock index and 20% bonds in the global bonds index. I also have an account in the name of my side business and I keep the same division there. My husband has recently opened an account and he splits his money into: 33% global stock index, 33% European stock index and 33% emerging markets index.

A couple of years ago I almost vomited when I was forced to read something economicyishly… Now, I devour these books! Unbelievable, right? I am so glad I decided to educate myself on stocks. It all started with (as it did for many EconoWise-Asses) a wonderful book called “Your Money Or Your Life”. Slowly but surely I am becoming more confident about the topic.

I noticed that almost all early retirement bloggers invest in index funds. So start educating yourself about it NOW!

On my reading list are (with thanks to Mr Money Mustache):

  • The Intelligent Asset Allocator
  • A Random Walk Down Wall Street
  • Economics Explained
  • The Boglehead’s Guide To Investing
  • The Boglehead’s Guide To Retirement Planning

Do you invest in stocks and bonds? Why (not)?
Which books are on your wish list?


Mrs EconoWiser

P.s. For all of you Dutchies: I read “De Schitterende Eenvoud van Indexbeleggen” and I invest with Meesman Index Investments.


4 thoughts on “Investing: Educate Yourself About It…NOW!

  1. Iforonwy

    Iforonwy here again! I started out with Your Money Or Your Life too! There was a Dutch bank (I think) that I wanted to learn a little more about. Is it Triodos, is it for ethical investing and is it based in Holland?
    Also trying to keep the heating off for as long as possilbe but ‘Im-in-doors feels the cold due to his medical condition and so we are sensible about it. Gas and electricity prices are set to rise here in the UK yet again but we are very thankful for our solar heating and solar electric generation.

  2. marcel

    Rabobank also offers several Vanguard funds. (“huisfondsen” so no custody fees) Transaction fees are lower than Meesman. For example, I pay 0,2% for Vanguard Global Stock Index where you pay 0,5% for the identical Meesman fund.

    Personally, I would not use the Global Bond fund but the European Bond fund because of the TER (0,6% vs 0,3%)


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