It’s The Attitude

Today I had to go to the optician to pick up my new contact lenses for the next six months. I change these contacts every two weeks and every six months I have a new check-up.

While I was there I also took out my pair of sunglasses for them to repair. The thing is these sunglasses broke a couple of weeks ago. By the way, I bought these sunglasses second-hand while in America a couple of years ago. American thrift stores rock! They’re genuine Ralph Lauren and they are extremely comfortable. I paid a fiver for them at Goodwill.

Anyway, the point is that I really was about to buy a new pair. I even tried on some at a couple of stores. Hey, I am human. The ones I would have bought would have cost about 35 euros. Not a huge amount of money, but still would have been a purchase in the senseless spending category. There and then I thought about why I shouldn’t have my old sunglasses repaired. Picking up my contact lenses was the ideal situation. Since I am a customer they repaired the sunglasses for free. It was a matter of putting in a new screw. While she was at it the nice lady decided to replace the one on the other side which wasn’t broken as well. Yay, I got my sunglasses back!

What I really wanted to imply with today’s post is that it’s about your overall attitude towards things. And by that I literally mean things. The fact that I “saved” 35 euros (the only saving here was saving myself from spending that amount of money) and got a free repair isn’t the point here. The point is The Attitude. If you can postpone impulse buying and look for alternatives first, you are on your way to EconoWise-Assness or Bad-Ass Mustachianism.

So next time you or me are about to splurge on an impulse buy, we’ll put the item down, leave the store and think about alternatives. Deal?!


Mrs EconoWiser


2 thoughts on “It’s The Attitude

  1. zeldesse

    Good idea! I sometimes can get very enthusiastic about purchases which ‘will really change my life’. Usually online purchases. I have learned to leave this for 2 weeks, and then I can’t really remember what the fuss was about. An eye-opener for me, and great savings for my wallet and the planet.


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