Sensible Saving: Pack A Homemade Lunch

Taking a homemade lunch to work is so logical and natural to me. I have always taken a homemade lunch with me to school, university and work. It’s just something I was brought up to do.

What are the benefits?

  • Cheap! My homemade lunch costs me less than one euro in total. Calculate what the difference is between taking homemade lunches to work and buying a lunch at work during a whole year…you’ll be shocked!
  • Tasty! You know you’re going to love your lunch, because you made it yourself. Yummie!
  • Healthy! Your homemade lunch (provided you made a healthy choice) will prevent you from buying a high calorie lunch and adding extra pounds to your body weight.

On top of a homemade lunch I also take my own snacks to work. Usually a couple of carrots and a piece of fruit.

Do you take a homemade lunch to work or school?


Mrs Econowiser


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