Early Retirement: How Does That Feel?

Hm…I don’t know the answer to that question just yet. However, I can imagine what it must feel like. Why? I work four days a week for my current employer instead of five.

I decided to work four days a week a couple of years ago already. I made this decision because the side business costs me about 10 hours a week. Monday is my day off and it is great. This doesn’t mean that I spend that whole day working on the side business. I own a webshop, so I spend 1 to 2 hours every day working on that business. Please note that this side business does not cause any stress, I find it fun and almost relaxing to do. Like I said before, it’s a hobby that yields money instead of costing a whole bunch of it. On Mondays I go grocery shopping, read a book, exercise, meet up with friends, finish chores around the house that one can’t get around to doing during the weekend and so on. It’s great!

This is what early retirement is all about, isn’t it? Being able to decide you don’t want to work full-time and have a great life while you’re at it. Of course, I don’t have enough “drop dead money” just yet, but I do have some of it. So if I would really really really hate my current job (which I don’t!) I could walk away and find another job. That feels goooood! So, I can thoroughly imagine the feeling a paid off mortgage and having enough drop dead money must feel like. There’s no going back to ridiculous spending habits anymore, I know where I am heading. Early retirement!

What about you?


Mrs Econowiser


2 thoughts on “Early Retirement: How Does That Feel?

  1. spaarolifantje

    Yup, me too. Talked to a lady today who was laid off a few months ago. She was 48 years old and told me nobody wanted to hire her anymore. Too old, too expensive. So for me it also feels smart to have some savings by that age to be able to survive without a job, if necessary.


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