The Bargain Hunter’s Pitfall: Groupon

Of course, everybody likes a good bargain. But what is a good bargain? Some bargain hunters are addicted to websites such as Groupon. However, do they really hit the jackpot or are they kidding themselves?

A new shower head, luxurious soap, massages and dinners at 50% might sound like you’re saving a lot of money, but you’re actually not. See, the minute before a discount website tried to lure you into buying something (they make a lot of money with) you hadn’t thought about buying that item. You didn’t need it. The minute that bargain pops up the idea of needing or wanting that product will start to grow on you. Also, you will miss out on this once-in-lifetime (yeah, right) deal if you don’t hit the “buy now” button NOW! Oops, there goes money down the drain for a product you didn’t need, a service you didn’t want and some other piece of crap you won’t even take the effort to install or use or enjoy.

Let’s face it: those deals are not bargains. They’re a bargain hunter’s greatest pitfall. What is a good bargain then? First of all, it has to be a product or service that you need (instead of want!). You thought long and hard about how this product will benefit your life. Then, you will investigate which product or service is the best option for you. Which requirements suit your needs best? You now know exactly which product or service you’re after. Hold your horses, don’t buy it just yet. You’ll check out second-hand options first. If you can’t find it second-hand, you’ll be extra alert during the next couple of weeks and check out deals. If you think you found a steal of a deal, you’ll buy the product or service you need. Tadaa, now that’s a real bargain!

Are you easily persuaded by websites like Groupon? Or can you postpone purchases the way I described?


Mrs Econowiser


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