Frugality: Making a Wish List

Since I decided to become EconoWiser a couple of years ago I have shredded off the urge to go shopping. Seriously, I do not go “fun shopping” on Saturdays or evenings. The crowds, the prices, the volatile shopping rush..ugh.

However, I am a sucker for leaflets and other people’s blogs. One time I thought I really needed a certain brand of eyeshadow, because it was “a must-have this season”. (Guess who conjures up these must-haves…right, people who want to make money off you and me!)

Thankfully, I trained myself into postponing this purchase by putting it on a virtual wish list (You could use GoogleDocs or RememberTheMilk). Whenever I stumble across something I would like to have I add it to my virtual wish list instead of buying the item immediately. The advantages are:

  • You don’t spend money on things you didn’t really need anyways
  • You’ll have a nice wish list to send people when they ask you what you’d like to have for your birthday or Christmas, yay!
  • You adopt an EconoWiser-lifestyle so you’ll beat the Mean Marketing Machine, HA!
  • You’ll get rid of certain things on your list when you scan through it once in a while thinking: “Why did I want this item? What was I thinking?” This will empower you even more in living the EconoWiser lifestyle. 


Mrs Econowiser


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