Wise Spending: “New” Shoes

With the orthotics arose a new and perhaps very costly problem: I needed new shoes. Seriously! I didn’t want new shoes, I needed them. Why? Simple! These orthopedic supports didn’t fit any of my shoes plus my feet but one pair of boots, one pair of sneakers and my sport shoes (yay!). One needs shoes with removable insoles when adding orthopedic supports into the mix. As I have already given up the high heel thing, I might as well invest my shoes that are super comfortable and timeless.

On to the store I went. I tried several different brands and it turned out that Durea shoes (a Dutch brand specialised in orthopedic shoes) felt like heaven when wearing them. On this quest I found out that this is a high-end brand. The cute little black boots I liked were a whopping €210! There were other shoes from a different brand priced at €119 which I also liked, but they weren’t half as comfortable as the Durea ones. I thanked the saleswoman and left the store without purchasing anything.

I just could not bring myself to spending that much money on one pair of shoes. Later that night I talked to my husband about it. He thought I should have bought the expensive shoes, because of all the pain I recently went through. (Probably because I start to nag when my feet and pelvis ache from wearing uncomfortable shoes 😉 Still, I could not make myself go back to that store and spend that much money on shoes. So I browsed a Dutch version of Craigslist called Marktplaats. And guess what? I bought Durea shoes which were only worn twice for only €30! The lady went through surgery and therefore was unable to wear the shoes any longer.

I am going to train myself to investigate the items I am after first to decide what I really need. And then always, always, always check out second-hand options first.

Do you buy second-hand?

Love, Mrs Econowiser


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