Sensible Saving: The Orthotics Story

Although I am only 31 years of age, I needed orthotic supports. I had been struggling with pain in my pelvis for almost six months before I found out the real cause of my pain. This picture explains it perfectly:

So I had to go to a podiatrist and get these things measured and made. A rather costly endavour which totaled €199.50. Now I have one pair of these with a leather layer which are nice and comfortable. My insurance company covered everything.

However, I was told that it would be rather handy to have another pair with a rubber layer for exercising purposes. The nice podiatrist told me that insurance companies cover these costs once a year. So if I order this second pair of orthotic supports next year, my insurance company will pay for that second pair. And that is exactly what I am going to do.

Patience saves you a lot of money.

Would you have done the same thing?


Mrs Econowiser


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