Addition to yesterday’s post: A Nagging Feeling Of WANTING A Bigger House

Just around the corner another new project will be built and this time those houses will be bigger. Almost twice the size of our house! My immediate reaction was something in the range of “I WANT THAT BIGGER HOUSE!!!”.

All of a sudden I felt disappointed about our beautiful new house. I even dragged my husband to the real estate agent. Hey, I’m human. Turns out those houses would be at our maximum mortgage range.

After a couple of days reality kicked in and my inner Econowiser voice spoke to me repeatedly. What would you need a bigger house for? You don’t even have kids yet, and when you do they’ll love your current house. What happened to your dream of financial freedom and paying off your mortgage as fast as possible? Do you really want to be working long hours each week just because you want to flaunt living in a house that is bigger than a house you need? And spend less time with those kids? Do you really want to risk having financial stress? No, no and NO!

After a about a week I came to my senses again. I had changed my perspective and I was completely at peace with our previous decisions again. I have discovered I am very content with our house and our lives. I am so relieved I shook down the feeling of wanting something that was just a ridiculous idea in the first place. My goal is to exercise this idea and attitude more often.

How Mustachianist is this? What do you think of my story?


Mrs Econo-sometimes-not-so-Wiser


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